The Transformative Impact of Caucasian Kazak Rugs In Contemporary Home Office Bring Unique Energy, Color and Artistry

The spellbinding graphic artistry and the versality of sizes offered by Kazak rugs make them ideal choices for many spaces in contemporary or traditional décor, such as this sunlit home office. Imagine the satisfaction and intellectual engagement this connoisseur homeowner receives from his well selected pair of 19th-century Kazaks, both visible from his desk throughout the day. The large Memling Gul piece that unifies the space in front of the desk and a small Fachralo Niche rug that sits directly across the room from the desk chair add tremendous spirit as daily companions for the work done there. The main High-Collectible piece is a standout example of Kazak expression, rich with expertly dyed and sensitively combined colors that captures through its layered, potent symbols an underlying harmony that Kazak weavers experienced on a regular basis. The strikingly elemental niched counterpart (mostly off-camera) comfortably accentuates the room’s arched doorway and warm hardwood beams that further supports the overall enjoyable atmosphere of this personal office.

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