Two Antique Caucasian Seichur Kuba Rugs Create Fascinating Comparison In Connoisseur’s Stairway Wall Display

In this immersive side-by-side presentation of two distinctly different Seichur Kuba pieces, there are certainly countless nuances to discover. It provides a rare opportunity will educate in the finest points of the style, using two outstanding 19th century examples to do so.  The orderly, axial progression of painstaking cruciform medallions will be immediately grasped in this contemplative, gallery-like setting. The heightening effect of luminous ivory grounds is powerfully amplified here by abundant natural light from clerestory windows. However, the most satisfying experience remains for the collector, who experiences each piece from every possible angle as he ascends or descends the staircase. Every day, he will revel in the confounding array of deeply creative borders and exquisite inner ornamentation this duo presents.

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