Two antique village weavings enhance the rustic ambiance of this log cabin retreat in the mountains.

Two Antique Village Weavings Reflect Rustic Ambiance of Log Cabin Mountain Retreat

Clients find that our selection of Northwest Persian styles is second to none. As you can see, the two antique rugs in this cozy room appear to have been made specifically for each space. Both the area-size Karaja near the door and the Heriz in front of the cobblestone fireplace are village weavings that immediately reflect the rustic ambiance of this log cabin mountain retreat through their timeless aesthetic. The time mellowed colors of each are in concert with the surroundings. Saffron gold spandrels speak in tandem with the natural wood tones and wicker chairs. Madder red fields counterbalance those predominant lighter hues and pick up on the other soft red accents in this warm and inviting dwelling. This masterfully balanced aesthetic has the potential to inspire immense enjoyment and inevitably foster fond memories for untold years to come.

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