Using Open Modern Architecture To Its Fullest Potential, Captivating Caucasian Kuba rug and Persian Bijar Runner Have a Fascinating Conversation

The open plans of contemporary architecture are ideal for displaying art carpets and, from a collector’s perspective, enhances the viewing options and the magical interplay of artistic impulses between one-of-a-kind pieces. The color synergy of the 19th-Century Caucasian Kuba in foreground and Persian Bijar in this passageway share midnight indigo fields as a saturated backdrop on which jewel-like diamond explore the most nuanced aquamarine, celadon, garnet and cerulean in turn, arriving at remarkably similar yet entirely personal aesthetic statements. When presented in the light-filled setting of this connoisseur’s modern home, the interaction of the dynamic asymmetry within each of  the two pieces captures a uniquely expressed, yet shared playfulness becoming more memorable together. In this particular space five pieces can be enjoyed in a stroll from the entry to the living room.

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