Caucasian Antique Carpets at the top of a set of stairs

Virtuoso Triad of Collectible Caucasian Rugs Make Staircase Landing A Most Memorable Destination

An extraordinary suite of connoisseur-caliber 19th-century Caucasian rugs elevates this light-filled Napa Valley landing to an unexpected, delightful level of artistic inspiration. The light-filled space is the ideal setting for this exceptionally potent assemblage of intense color, with outstanding Caucasian Daghestan, Lesghi and Bordjalou Kazak rugs shining with stunning clarity against a backdrop of white paneling and blonde hardwoods. Each tribal rug is a premier example of its cherished Caucasian sub-style, inviting the fascinated viewer to compare the unique artistic character of each piece in turn. Such an opportunity to see in a single glance so many connoisseur-level weavings is a delight for the antique rug lover, providing a uniquely immersive, aesthetic experience.

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