Vivid 19th-Century Colors of Graphic Caucasian Kazak Rug Contribute Irreplaceable Energy To Uniquely Enhance A Stately Traditional Interior

Emboldened by streaming sunlight through a lofty Gothic inspired window, the natural colors of this excellent circa 1900 Caucasian Eagle Kazak rug become alive with an incredible intensity that completely transform the dim, high-ceilinged great room it occupies. Crimson red, soft sapphire blues, exquisitely nuanced celadons and astoundingly luminous ivory are at once incredibly potent and effortlessly well integrated within the cohesive overall design thanks to a complete mastery of both symmetry and asymmetry, joined by a shimmering diversity of spontaneous small blossoms and mesmerizing tribal totems. Like the pointed arches and soaring quatrefoils of the European ecclesiastical architecture, the innate balance and harmony of the archetypal Eagle Kazak becomes an immersive experience that elevates the viewer, enriching them in both a subtle and profound manner.

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