Nomadic Antique Gendje Carpet

Southern Caucasian
3ft 10in x 7ft 6in
Circa 1875

Exceptional clarity of design and a deeply elemental color palette of time-softened natural hues instantaneously demarcate the exceptional 140-year-old antique Gendje Caucasian rug. Marvelously vigorous graphic zigzag borders produce an ambience of dynamic energy that is enhanced by their simplicity. The composition of this remarkable antique Caucasian rug is augmented deeply idiosyncratic, innovative touches, such as the purposeful asymmetrical alignment of color bands and brilliantly artistic selective use of color striation (or abrash) throughout the tribal rug, even in the minutest latch hook design. Exceedingly good pile condition contributes to the immediacy and liveliness if this exquisite exploration of color composition.