Request Photos and Rugs on Approval

Viewing Rugs in Your Home

Considering the tremendous impact that well-chosen antique Oriental rugs have on a room, many clients choose one of our two trouble-free methods of seeing rugs in situ before coming to a decision.

See Rugs on Approval Before Purchasing

Over our more than three decades of business, we have made shipping on approval efficient and economical. No matter what the size, all rugs arrive folded in sturdy boxes. You are welcome to lay them out yourself and after the agreed upon approval period, you simply place any carpet that does not work out back in its box, re-tape, and we will arrange for FedEx to pick it up. Or you can arrange through our Services Department to have your carpet choices presented to you by a competent local logistics company who will install those rugs you select with anti-skid padding and take away any you decide not to keep. Shipping is very economical; we pass along to you the deep discount we receive through Federal Express. Interstate purchases are sales tax exempt.

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