History of the Toronto Treasury

The History of


We are thrilled to offer this monumental collection of antique carpets amassed by an elderly Canadian couple over a nearly 50-year period. During this time, they owned various homes, and whenever they opened a new residence they made a point of filling it with entirely new rugs and putting the rugs from the previous home into storage. They opened an archival unit decades ago to protect the overflow.

As a result, this treasury of rugs is staggering in its number of truly unique, incredibly beautiful tribal, village and city rugs in superb condition. The couple bought rugs large and small, based on if they felt that a particular piece enriched their homes and enhanced their collection. When the couple approached us to acquire a significant portion of their collection, the gentleman told us with a chuckle, ”We were never successful in turning down a rug that touched our hearts.”

Their primary source for great rugs were several antique stores in Canada and Europe that they invested. As a result, along with magnificent furniture and some paintings, they received “first dibs” on the finest 19th century carpets handled by these antiques purveyors.

Their interest in Oriental carpets as an art form came from the wife, who as daughter of a European diplomat, spent part of her childhood in the Near East. The beauty and variety of the rugs and art of the Orient captivated her, creating a lifelong passion and propelling her to a degree in Art History. She quickly inculcated her husband, the third generation of a family involved in precious metals extraction and refinement, into the love art-level antique rugs. As she told us, “He was a very quick study and soon we had an intense passion that we shared equally.”

The Toronto Treasury is the product of their cherry picking for nearly a half-century. Looking back, the wife told us emphatically, “We were collectors, no holds barred.”

Caucasian Cloudband Kazak, 5′ 4″ x 8′ 8″, Circa 1875

Ferahan Sarouk, 9′ x 12′ 6″, 3rd Quarter, 19th Century

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