Over a nearly 50-year period, a Canadian husband and wife team owned various homes in Canada and Europe and tirelessly filled each with 19th century rugs, fine art and antiques. Last year, we opened “The Toronto Treasury” with a brilliant assemblage of carpets from their two substantial Canadian homes and storage.

Inspired by our clients’ tremendous enthusiasm for the rugs we acquired from them, the family approached us with carpets from three more homes in Europe, two in the UK and another in the South of France, all replete with great rugs! We are incredibly proud to offer this new purchase, Part 2 of The Toronto Treasury–again as a private event.

The family’s European holdings are a treasure trove of spectacular antique rugs that rivals Part 1 of the Treasury in its tremendous depth and consummate quality of its pieces. The singular carpets in this monumental group focus on collectible Caucasian and Persian tribal rugs, exquisite Ferahan Sarouks and Motasham Kashans and one-in-the–world room-size pieces, notably Serapis, Bakshaishs and Laver Kirmans. Spectacular, extremely well-preserved 125-185 year-old rugs in all formats from mats to oversizes are included.

Their eclectic European rug collection were displayed throughout an 18th century Georgian home in the English countryside, a Regency style house in London, and an estate in the South of France made completely out of stone. “These houses demanded great rugs. Anything less looked sad there”, she told us.

The couple spoke at length of the great satisfaction they derived from pairing rugs with paintings or sculpture. He particularly enjoyed how the rugs supported his Impressionist art. “One day in my study in Provence I was enjoying one of our Mohtasham Kashans and happened to look up at the Guillaumin on the wall I had just bought. The choice and use of colors were so strikingly similar between them, I was as if transfixed.”

The Toronto Treasury is unique in its studied depth and sincere passion for this art form.