Understated Laver Kirman Antique Carpet in Old World Décor

Exquisite mid-19th century Laver Kirman Carpet Accentuates the Old World Elegance of this Sitting Room

Antique Persian carpets created in the great weaving cities have long been the quintessential adornment for grand traditional interiors, beloved for the unrivaled delicacy and aesthetic elevation they bring to the refined home.  Here, an extraordinary 160-year-old Persian Laver Kirman becomes the central defining feature of a Southern California family’s comfortable yet collected sitting area, both setting the artistic tone for the room and bringing out the unique aesthetic attributes of everything surrounding it.  The antique rug’s large room size dimensions and profusion of attentively rendered scrolling boughs easily and evocatively anchor the high-ceilinged space.  Brilliant sunlight and the warm fire of the hearth energize the rich burgundy red, goldenrod, apricot and shimmering sand tones in the carpet, which in turn brings out these values in the polished mahogany table, damask chair and soft satin fabrics.  Yet the greatest resonance occurs with the fieldstone walls and hand-wrought primitive artwork–the infinite refinement of the Laver Kirman carpet provides the foil to brilliantly set off the inherent interest in these organic forms.

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