Summary of Antique Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili) Tabriz Rugs

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Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili) Tabriz
13ft 0in x 18ft 0in
Circa 1875

On the Silk Route the city of Tabriz was one of the major centers of the world as early as the 11th century. Serving as the first seat of the royal Savafid workshops, Tabriz antique carpet designers may have brought the curved line used in Ottoman rugs to Persian weaving.

In the 1800s, the seasoned entrepreneurial interest of Persian Tabriz merchants reanimated the region’s weaving legacy. Designed in the finely woven, formal weaving tradition, antique Tabriz carpets offer one of the broadest spectrums of patterns and palettes in Persian rugs. Today, our extensive inventory allows us to still enjoy the beauty and quality of the best 19th century Tabriz carpets with their lush curvilinear designs, extremely fine knotting and wide-ranging color palettes.

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Our clients are especially drawn to the carpets attributed to one of Tabriz’s most famous rug designers, Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili). The unique sense of coloration and quintessential sense of subtle design transformed Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili) Tabriz rugs into some of the most breathtaking Persian carpets from the 19th century. Exquisite medallions and allover designs fill carpets of every dimension, from small accent pieces to palace size gems. Beloved niche, compartment, and Garden of Paradise designs offer engaging, delicate details of flora and fauna. The highly original, surprisingly contemporary palettes of Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili) Tabriz rugs include exotic brown shades from cinnabar to teak and a variety of golds, bronzes, taupes, and wheat hues.