Antique Laver Kirman Carpet Provides A Central Aesthetic Foundation To Connect Kitchen, Dining And Outdoor Zones

Providing the vital artistic focal point linking to the Kitchen and Patio, this exceptional 19th century Laver Kirman rug under the dining table effortlessly furthers the indoor-outdoor dynamic of an ambitious, open plan Northern California home. Subtly anchored by the carpet’s artistry, the interconnecting spaces can function fluidly as a whole because the virtuoso Kirman carpet furnishes an unconscious emotional touchstone by which occupants can orient and navigate through the disparate spaces, like a cherished starting point from which to start out and return. Though animated enough to ensure the spare, high-ceiling home never appears empty, its understated colors and harmonious design are also never obtrusive, never blocking the resident’s freedom by forcefully demanding attention. As she moves between indoor and outdoor zones, the resident is free to find pleasure in any aspect she chooses. The result is the perfect, understated linchpin by which the different functions and spaces are held together. Read more about this home in LUXE. magazine.

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