Summary of Antique Mahajiran Sarouk Rugs

West Central Persian Mahajiran Sarouk Antique Rug

Mahajiran Sarouk
8ft 11in x 12ft
Circa 1920

Located in West Central Persia, Sarouk was a weaving region renowned in the 19th century for its high quality, artistically distinctive carpets. The best Sarouk carpets of this period are termed “Ferahan (or “Faraghan”) Sarouks” and typically boast overscale floral medallions.

At the start of the 20th century, international interest in rugs from this region increased production and this style became known simply as “Sarouk.” At this time, a stylized floral all-over design emerged as the most popular of Sarouk patterns. The finest quality has been given the name “Mahajiran Sarouk” (also spelled “Mohajeran Sarouk” or Mehajeran Saruk”). This singular group of Persian rugs stands out through its use of the finest lamb’s wool, which lends a deep luster to its pile, its glowing natural dyes, excellent workmanship and expressive artistry.

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Our extensive collection of rugs in the elegant Mahajiran Sarouk style, woven circa 1900 to 1925, includes a wide array of small area-size rugs to grand palace-size carpets. Primarily utilizing stylized floral designs and arranged spaciously in groups of blossoming boughs and exquisite floral sprays, each Mahajiran Sarouk carpet is unique unto itself, echoing influences of European floral patterns and East Indian textile design. Expert weavers created uniquely artistic renderings with fascinating detail and numerous subtle color shifts.

Most Mahajiran Sarouk rugs offer a lush, variegated field of rich rust, terracotta, or soft salmon. More rarely found are the highly prized “Blue Mahjajirans”, with their deep indigo color evoking the effect of a midnight sky. Their soft glowing colors and individual pattern language set Mahajiran Sarouk rugs apart from other early 20th century decorative carpets. Their gracious ambiance, tremendous durability and great compatibility with contemporary decors have made Mahajiran Sarouk carpets a favorite of our clients for many years.