Wishlist Instructions

Helpful instructions for using the Claremont Rug Company Wishlist Feature

To explore the full suite of features offered by the Wishlist, we have created this helpful guide which can also be viewed when you are browsing the online gallery. You may be happy creating just one list as covered in Parts I and II. Or you may appreciate the full range of possibilities as outlined in Part III.

PART I: Log-in

Whether you are logging in for the first time or accessing the account you have already created, click on “Log-in and Wish list” at the top right of the masthead at http://www.claremontrug.com

PART II: After Log-in

  • Creating Wish Lists
    Once logged in, use the “Create/Manage Wish Lists” button to create one or more Wish lists from any page of our rug galleries. You can also delete existing wish lists from this window.
  • Adding Rugs to Wish Lists
    From the Thumbnail Page: While browsing rugs in our gallery, use the “+” symbol located in the lower left of the thumbnail image of a rug you want to save. A screen will appear that allows you to add the rug of interest to a particular wish list you have created. Simply check the box for the wish list you want the rug to reside on. From the Single-Rug Page: Alternatively, if you click a thumbnail to see the whole rug image, you can add the rug to a Wish list also by using the dedicated Wish list button at the bottom right of the screen. (It is this single rug page that allows you to also manage, add notes and ratings as well as share with a friend as described below.)
  • Managing Wish Lists and Adding Notes and Ratings
    It is also possible to create notes and save a “five-star” rating from the whole rug screen at the bottom of the column on the right. Simply select the number of stars you wish to assign the rug in question, and/or add notes into the provided space.

PART III: Advanced Use

  • Reviewing Wish Lists
    Use the drop-down menu directly under the “Select a Wish list” text on any page of the Gallery. If this text is not present, make sure you are logged-in. From this drop down menu, select the Wish list you would like to review.
  • Viewing Notes and Ratings
    At this point, you will see all the rugs in the selected Wish list displayed in gallery format. For ease of comparing multiple rugs simultaneously, there is an option to view 4, 6, 9, or 12 thumbnails per page. This is accessible on the right side of the screen under the heading “Thumbnails Per Page”. Hovering over any thumbnail will display any rating that has been assigned via the single rug page.
  • Sharing with a friend
    To share a Wish list via email, by clicking on the “Send to a Friend” button on the right above the Thumbnails