A Persian Kashan antique rug in a peaceful bedroom

An Early Mohtasham Kashan Brings Timeless Art to a Contemporary Guest Bedroom

One way our clients have found to enjoy one-of-a-kind antique carpets in a bedroom is to use 1-3 of them in lieu of a large Persian rug. Known for their luxurious wool quality and delicate drawing and colors, an exquisite Mohtasham Kashan with its time-softened colors greatly adds to the ambiance in this minimalist guest bedroom. The intimate, understated artistry and calming, time-softened earth tone or pastel hues of 19th-century Persian floral rugs, such as antique Laver Kirmans, Hadji Jalili Tabrizs, and Mohtasham Kashans can provide an elegant enhancement to bedroom spaces.

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