Malayer Antique Rug in a powder room

Pinpoint Botanical Accents of Mid-19th Century Persian Mishin Malayer Mat Enhances Richness and Sophistication of Elegant Powder Room

Very small antique Persian rugs can have a tremendous impact on a powder room or other diminutive space. The artful effect of great antique Oriental rugs is magnified in small, enclosed areas. This is vividly seen in this virtuosic circa 1850 Mishin Malayer rug, which holds court in this powder room with its mesmerizing tiny flower latticework and shimmering golden corner pieces that pick up the gilded hues of the walls, the painting and insert of the cabinetry. This art-level Persian village rug becomes the immersive focal point of the space–as well as a delightfully unexpected surprise to those who glimpse the carpet from the passageway.

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