Suite of Antique Persian Rugs in an elegant great room

Wonderfully Compatible Art-level Antique Persian Rugs Naturally Unify This Majestic Room and Complete the Sense of Grandeur

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 29, No. 1. This image is from a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras. Here, each of the two 9×12 Feraghan Sarouk rugs and and a 11×18 antique Persian Veramin carpets in the foreground and 12×19 antique Sultanabad in the background its own intimate conversation area. Yet together these four Oriental carpets harmonize the lofty carved woodwork and sensitively upholstered furnishings through the commonality of their own rich colors and pattern language. The net effect is uplifting.

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