Astonishing Creativity And Harmonious Artistry of Superb Area Size Caucasian Rugs Profoundly Enriches Casual Cottage Interior

The sunny, open floorplan of a rug-collecting couple’s cozy historic home allows them to transition from one distinctly different art rug to another for never ending enjoyment. This TV side of their Great Room provides an inviting, cheerful environment for the impressive pairing of two art-level 19th-century Caucasian carpets. On the left, a 170-year-old Pinwheel Kazak’s luminous palette seems like the playful alter ego to the equally early Soumak piece on the right, with its captivating winged medallions that glow with patina. Viewing top tier 19th-century tribal rugs on the floor from every direction, including—because of their large scale graphic designs–from across a room, is a particular gratification that this style bestows as sown here. An intimate bedroom space, a hallway or as the centerpiece of a sitting room, library or den, Caucasian Kazaks bring splendid color and stirring artistry.

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