Claremont from Lake Forest and Cook County, Illinois

Claremont from Lake Forest and Cook County, Illinois.

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Assisting Lake Forest Clients in Building Memorable Displays of Antique Art-Level Persian Carpets since 1980.

Claremont Rug Company has had the privilege of working with many clients in Lake Forest, Illinois since the company’s founding in 1980, helping families furnish their homes with unparalleled collections of art-level antique carpets throughout the Lake Forest area. We invite you to contact us to arrange a home walkthrough/consultation or rug showing. Whether they live in East Lake Forest, Winnetka, Wilmette, Hinsdale or any of the other surrounding Lake Forest area, our clients find that searching for an art-level antique rug is a unique buying experience. Many of our clients become interested in antique rug collecting and connoisseurship once they begin living with just one antique carpet.

Visualizing how your potential carpet choices will look in your home has never been easier with our numerous presentation tools. Claremont Rug Company offers a selection of convenient shopping options even if you do not live in the San Francisco Bay Area. We are local to you – regardless of where you reside.

“Claremont Rug Company offers
a selection of convenient shopping
options even if you do not live
in the East Bay Area.”

World-Class In-Home and Online Shopping Services in Lake Forest, Illinois

Our website is the ideal tool to rapidly educate and familiarize yourself with the world of antique Oriental carpets, offering abundant and easy-to-digest information on the numerous carpet styles available to your project. Over 1,000+ of our carpets are available for you to browse online at your leisure, with full-size, color-accurate high resolution images only a click away.
All can be easily sorted by size and carpet type, to make your search eminently manageable. You can organize your choices on your own Wish List that is there for you to return to for up to 3 years. As you explore freely through our gallery, carpets of special interest can be flagged and added to your personalized wish list. As you hone your taste, these wish lists can record your favorites, and can be effortlessly forwarded to a designer, architect, spouse or friend with whom you would like to share.

Our extensive online Antique Oriental Rug Educational Section is an expansive resource with sections discussing Decorating with Antique CarpetsCollecting and Connoisseurship, a Nine-point Methodology for Determining Quality and Artistry, Main Categories of Antique CarpetsAntique Oriental Rug Care and much more.

Our highly professional, vastly experienced staff will make your experience of working with us virtually effortless, whether you visit our San Francisco Bay Area gallery complex or take advantage of our In-Home Shopping Service from your home in Orange County or anywhere else in the US.

“Visualizing how your potential carpet
choices will look in your home has
never been easier with our
numerous presentation tools.”

Antique Carpet Trends in Lake Forest, Illinois

Spacious Open Field Laver Kirman Carpet Establishes an Atmosphere of Comfortable Relaxation and Inviting Luxury.

Since we opened our doors in 1980, our niche has been a challenging, yet incredibly exciting one – offering only the finest in authentic, art-level antique carpets, coupled with entirely first cabin service. We specialize in pieces with the most stirring artistry and the greatest compatibility with today’s range of decors. Our desire has always been to provide our clients with carpets that will have a magical effect on their home environments and will bring deep satisfaction on a daily basis. These are solid art investments that often become cherished family treasures.

To the left (above on mobile), view a Highland Park client’s home and how encounters with entirely unique art objects are always deeply memorable, subconsciously elevating a viewer’s experience in ways that often continue to delight long after first exposure. Such is the effect of this extraordinary Persian Bakshaish rug that will fascinate every dinner guest, including the most seasoned antique carpet connoisseurs, with its totally unexpected, yet profoundly harmonious allover design. Virtuoso abrash allows carefully selected warm reds and an astonishing diversity of prized mid-tone blues to advance and recede with continually changing intensity. Archetypal latchhook and cloudband contours recall the very earliest East Asian symbolism, yet sit extremely well with delicately carved angels and European tapestry, providing this residence with another tableau where connoisseur level carpets seamlessly enrich their eclectic surroundings

Astoundingly Expressive Early Kermanshah Carpet Fills Sophisticated Sitting Room with Deeply Engaging, Refined Atmosphere.

Whether they live in Inverness, Glencoe, Chicago’s Gold Coast or any of the surrounding areas, our clients find that searching for an art-level antique rug is a unique buying experience. Many of our clients become interested in antique rug collecting and connoisseurship once they begin living with just one antique carpet. A perfect example is the Lake Bluff client’s home, pictured to the right (above on mobile). The room is as enjoyable in the overhead view as it would be by firelight from the hearth, this sublime rug is an inspired choice for the dual viewing opportunities this room affords. Its large, splendiferous medallion from above accentuates the grand scale of the walls while the refinement of its finely etched drawing and age-softened colors provide immeasurable delight for up-close enjoyment. At 170-years- of-age, this well-proportioned, virtuoso Kermanshah Court carpet draws the viewer to delve deeply into its attentively rendered botanical imagery. With this entirely one-in-the-world piece on the floor, the comfortable ample seating and space for a game of cards creates a tempting oasis for relaxation.

At Claremont Rug Company, we adhere to a ‘Client-First’ business model in providing the highest level of service to each and every interaction, whether in our physical gallery, via telephone, email or through the internet. What Client First means to us is that customer service begins before a transaction and continues for the lifetime of our relationship. It is an anticipatory approach based on the presumption that those who seek us out deserve a level of service at the highest level possible. To achieve this, it is vital that our Client First attitude is our ethos and we are fervent about it at every level in our organization”, states Claremont Rug Company’s President and Founder, Jan David Winitz.

“We are local to you –
regardless of where you reside.”

Curating an Authentic, Art-level Antique Carpet Collection

We hold a central position on the international market as a “first source” buyer, ambitiously acquiring superlative private collections and significant family estates rich in carpets that will literally enrapture the viewer through their great creative depth and exquisite craftsmanship.

We handle a wide range of superbly preserved, oversize (11ft x 15ft to 14ft x 20ft) and palace size art carpets (up to 17ft x 32ft), which are so difficult to find on today’s market. Our inventory of area sizes (2ft x 4ft to 5ft x 7ft ), room sizes (6ft x 9ft to 11ft x 14ft) and runners, up to 25ft long offers virtually limitless possibilities.

Popular Antique Persian and Oriental Rugs Types

Claremont Rug Company’s Guarantees 

We offer a long-term Full Exchange Policy on all of the carpets we place, along with full appraisals, and Long-term Care Instructions. You also have the great security of our superb international reputation, built over more than three decades in the field.

“Our proven program of sending
rug images, color-accurate prints and
shipping rugs on approval is
incredibly time-saving and
tremendous effective.”