Claremont 2 Vision Statement from Robin Somerville

The discovery of my passion for the colors and masterful beauty of one-of-a-kind 19th century Oriental rugs lured me to start working at Claremont Rug Company in my late 20s. Now more than three decades have passed and the intrigue of great art rugs has only grown stronger. Parallel to this is the great satisfaction of continuing to guide rug enthusiasts and new clients to the carpets they are intrigued to use on their floors and walls and genuinely excited to live with on a daily basis.

Time and again I have seen how fine, custom-built homes are brought to their highest level of beauty when appropriately selected antique and early 20th century Persian carpets and tribal rugs, are integrated into each room’s decor. These rugs are from an era when artistry was still paramount. In today’s home decorating market, one has little opportunity to actually cross paths in person with fine art carpets of the caliber our company offers. Our boutique gallery, Claremont 2, is the place where you can gain a comfortable introduction to the special beauties of art rugs and find for yourself an interest that may grow for a lifetime.

In our colorful, uplifting gallery, my staff and I can expertly guide you to the most appropriate carpets for your settings in the rug genre that particularly speaks to you. We can provide the background information you need about each of our carpets to better understand them and to appreciate the evocative effect of the colors and the allure of their unfathomable designs.

I look forward to sharing with you our collection of art rugs to fully integrate and add warmth to your home environment, be quite practical to live with and above all, to be objects d’art you can be passionate about every day.