Collecting & Connoisseurship

A small portion of the Oriental rugs available today stand on solid ground as works of art on par with the finest paintings, sculpture and other acknowledged mediums. Yet, top-tier 19th century rugs remain dramatically undervalued relative to other forms of art.

Seeing a window of opportunity that cannot remain open indefinitely, more and more of our clients are assembling notable family caches of art-level rugs. A rapidly growing number are not only using them on their floors but also hanging them on their walls and rotating their rugs in use with those stored in dedicated closets and custom rug cellars. Many plan to strategically hold onto their collections until their value is universally acknowledged.

For over three decades, Mr. Winitz and his staff of experts have worked closely with both new and seasoned collectors to select the rugs most appropriate to their interest. Rarity, uniqueness and good condition relative to the rug’s age are quite important, yet their advice to the budding connoisseur is to invest in carpets you have a deep personal affinity with, rugs that warm your heart and enliven your mind in a profoundly satisfying, penetrating manner.

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