Connoisseur-Caliber Rugs

Level 3 | Connoisseur-Caliber

Primarily from circa 1850 to late 19th century — This category encompasses outstanding rugs from all of the major Persian and tribal groups.
The period starting around 1875 is often termed “The Revival Period” of Persian carpet weaving, as a greater number of rugs were commissioned in styles such as Hadji Jallili Tabriz, Laver Kirman, Ferahan Sarouk, the extremely popular Serapis, and from a plethora of small village and tribal groups. Highly talented artisans used an excellent quality of materials and original, captivating designs and color combinations.
In today’s international market, a selection of excellent examples in quite good condition can only be found through a handful of specialty dealers worldwide and the finest offerings of major auction houses.