Decorating With Antique Rugs

Breathtaking Wood-paneled Room with Antique Persian Rugs

The finest antique Persian carpets, Caucasian rugs and Indian carpets are artworks that are have a timeless quality that is always “in style.”  They are infinitely versatile and work as great unifiers that effectively integrate the architecture, furnishings and other artworks of a room. Created as compositions that express a profound level of balance and harmony in their own right, they have the ability of carrying that quality into  the settings in which they’re placed.

Currently, we are witnessing a great transformation in the perception of the best antique Oriental rugs. Beginning in 2011, we have seen a notable uptick in the interest in displaying noteworthy antique rugs not only on the floor, but also as wall art.  We are glad to offer this series of articles on decorating with Oriental rugs written by our president, Jan David Winitz. Use the links on the left to browse through the articles and information offered in this section and check back periodically for articles on new topics.

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