Traditional Philadelphia Entryway with Persian Bijar Kelege Antique rug

This 19th-Century Kurdish Bijar (Bidjar) Corridor Carpet Presents the Perfect Dimensions and Ideal, Rhythmical Pattern Language for an Entry Hall

Just as with people, first impressions are centrally important in homes. The time-softened, rich tones animating the all-over pattern of this antique Persian Kurdish Bijar (Bidjar) corridor rug (a size format known as “kelege”) provides an inviting introduction to this elegant traditional home. The soft green fabrics of the two occasional chairs interplays with the greens in the rug. The Persian town rug’s rare 6×16 dimensions are ideally suited for the space.  Incredibly durable Bijar (Bidjar) construction makes Oriental art carpets of this kind perfectly appropriate for a heavily traveled room such as this.

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