Exceptional 19th-Century Laver Kirman Carpets Perfectly Harmonize and Enrich An Ambitious Modern Aesthetic

The inspired contributions of interior designer, architect and virtuoso antique Persian weaver are in perfect sync in this one-of-a-kind San Francisco Bay Leeds Certified contemporary home. In this open living and dining space, two extraordinary oversize Laver Kirman carpets set the stage for a surpassingly elegant, immersive experience that brings nature into all aspects of the design.  Clean, simple lines of warm wooden paneling and a sublime attention to nuanced finishes continues in the complementary Persian City carpets: both compositions that are the result of incredibly meticulous craftsmanship and a heightened sensitivity to color and patina. The profoundly organic sensibility of the rugs, which were woven using entirely natural materials and dyestuffs, is also clearly expressed by their delicate, keenly observed botanical motifs. The result is a purity and honesty of purpose that, like the artist-owner’s own cohesive, environmentally sensitive vision for the home, is impossible to replicate.

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