Collectible Persian Serapi Antique Rug in contemporary Miami, Florida Living Room

The Captivating Medallion of a Geometric Antique Serapi Carpet Provides a Perfect Centerpiece to a Contemporary Living Room

The joyful, yet elegant expression of this 19th century Persian Serapi carpet’s eight-petal medallion brings a deeply human interest that immediately draws the eye, especially when surrounded with the custom natural wood coffee table and simple, modern lines of contemporary furniture seen in this casual living room of a Florida seaside condominium.  The understated modern furnishings allow the antique Oriental carpet’s artistry to take center stage, enriching the entire room with its spirited color and continual variations of motif. Focus on the antique Bakshaish rug under the dining table in the background on the next page of this section. Published in the 2014 Fall/Winter catalog.

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