Exceptional Caucasian Karachov Kazak Rugs in a sitting room

Interplay Between Two Exceptional Caucasian Karachov Kazak Rugs Becomes the Unforgettable Focus of a Collector’s Sitting Room

Two rugs offering rare renditions of the famed Caucasian “Karachov Kazak” style are the essential foundation for this traditional sitting room, powerfully elevating the discourse of this luxurious and highly inviting conversation space. Spellbinding abrash and freewheeling creativity of archetypal tribal forms of the smaller Karachov in the passageway prepare the eye for the even more intricate graphic imagery of the larger, mid-19th century Karachov that anchors the sitting area. This rug’s traditional octagonal reserve provides the central orientation for the seating arrangement of comfortable leather chairs, while effortlessly enhancing the profusion of textures, colors, and finishes of the surrounding objets d’art. Cut glass, rose blooms, Dutch and Chinese porcelain, inlaid Chinoiserie furniture and warm hardwood paneling become harmonious supporting themes, with each piece in the owner’s collection given the opportunity to speak eloquently.

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