Invigorating Color of 19th-Century Bakshaish Tree of Life Masterfully Enriches Extended Entertaining Spaces

Illuminated by the extraordinary color in which this carpet excels, a spectacular antique Bakshaish becomes the animating energy at the heart of this quietly elegant entertaining space. The cool, extremely light-toned ground—so uncommon and transformative in antique Bakshaish pieces—profoundly resonates with every color and texture in the well-appointed room, including fabrics, polished marble, and supple leather. There is an absolutely astounding variety of individual, creatively imagined blossoms within the prized Tree of Life format, contributing striking plum, crimson, garnet, celadon and stirring aquamarine accents that make the arboreal environment within the rug at least as inviting as the sunlit garden outside. As in so many interiors where separate seating areas are present, note how the Bakshaish carpet creates an immediately harmonious dialogue with the neighboring Ferahan carpet before the hearth, linking these nearby spaces in an entrancing, endlessly fascinating way.

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