LEED Platinum Certified Whole Home Collection

Whole Home Collection

LEED Platinum Certified Home

A contemporary, LEED Platinum Certified Home showcases a collection of floral patterned Laver Kirman carpets. The natural building materials and beautiful Persian rugs create a “complex composition” (featured in LUXE magazine, Sherry Williamson Design, Inc.)

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Traditionally noted for their elegant affinity with formal interiors (French Provincial, for example), the fluid lines and exquisite delicacy of 19th century Persian Laver Kirman carpets are here imparting an equally successful impact on this sumptuous, informal contemporary interior. Inspired expression of architecture and design, coupled with virtuoso antique weavings, find a perfect harmony in this one-of-a-kind San Francisco Bay LEED certified home.

Note how the flowing Persian City carpets surprisingly yet effortlessly coexist with the clean, geometric lines of warm wood paneling and post-modern design flourishes, creating a memorable and inviting living space. The smaller, detailed carpet design elements become a brilliantly used contrast to the openness of the vaulted ceilings, the industrial steel trusses, and the expanse of the wooden walls. Additionally, each carpet also provides a visual anchor, supporting the home’s nature-inspired color range with aged tonalities and softly radiating patina.

The antique rugs create a further organic ambiance, as they were woven using entirely natural materials and dyestuffs and present a great diversity of delicate, keenly observed botanical motifs. The result is a purity and honesty of purpose like the artist-owner’s own cohesive, environmentally sensitive vision for the home. The presence of the exceptional Laver Kirman rugs uniquely underscore the adventurous modern minimalist aesthetic of this LEED certified home.

Photo © David Wakely Photography, Decor: Sherry Williamson Design, Inc.