Mediterranean Inspired Home

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Mediterranean Inspired Home

Connoisseur-caliber antique Persian and tribal rugs tastefully grace the floors, walls and furniture.

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This Mediterranean-inspired desert home deftly blends soothing earth tones, custom wood accents, and prized objets d’art, all harmoniously anchored by an envious collection of 19th and early 20th century Persian and Caucasian carpets. As the home owners have long realized, the perfect antique weaving can completely transform a room, elevating the experience of a space in a profound yet unobtrusive way that is unique to this art form.

Throughout the home the carpets bring their own singular artistic focus to interact harmoniously with the artwork and decor, as exemplified in the living room. Note how the 150-year-old Kermanshah is beautifully paired with two 19th century European paintings that along with the chair upholstery and pillow fabrics create an atmosphere of romance and timeless elegance.

The homeowner’s penchant for a curated environment is clearly present in their hanging of a rare 19th century Persian Bakshaish camelhair rug on the wall where its unadorned field could frame the unique bronze sculpture in front of it, accentuating both enticing works of art.

When used both on the floor and as wall art in the same room, antique oriental rugs can uniquely unify an environment. This is vividly demonstrated by the mid-19th century Persian Veramin carpet on the floor and a circa 1920s Persian Mahajiran Sarouk that fits perfectly into the wall niche of this home office. The handsome deep indigo fields lend a richness and quiet masculinity, enhanced by the custom wood built-ins and leather desk chair.

The sublime 19th century Bakshaish carpet graces the master bedroom’s inviting conversation area. The clearly defined, elemental composition of this collectible rug, with a shimmering sky blue medallion, provides a natural centerpiece.; its luminous camelhair softly harmonizes with the cheerful soft golds of the walls, as well as the generous warm woods in this personal space.

The elevator landing has been ingeniously transformed, becoming a spot for artistic contemplation thanks to the remarkable creativity of two top-level antique Persian carpets. The ethereal coloration of the area size Hadji Jallili Tabriz on the floor is redoubled in impact by the similarly virtuoso palette of the singular Ferahan displayed on the wall. Each shares exquisite tones of sapphire blue and warm terracotta and apricot, used in quite different, equally masterful expresses of their particular weaving tradition.

It is not unusual for antique rug connoisseurs to find every opportunity to display their woven treasures. The semi-circular landing area provides ample room to adorn both wall and floor. The two 19th century tribal rugs on the walls: Caucasian Gendje (left) and Caucasian Chi Chi (right): and the two on the floors: Caucasian Erivan (left) and Persian Veramin (right, in rear) heighten the wondrous exhibition.

Antique Caucasian Oriental Stairway rugs displayed as wall art