Downtown San Francisco Condo

Whole Home Collection

Modern Downtown Condo

A collector’s stunning assemblage of extremely rare antique Persian and Caucasian Rugs.

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Extraordinary artistry and nuanced coloration of this prolific collector’s top-tier antique carpets provide the perfect counterpoint to the dramatic floor-to-ceiling views of the modern cityscape’s glass and steel high-rise architecture. The spacious and earth-toned mid-19th century Sultanabad in the living room is completely at home with the neutral tones and clean lines of the contemporary furniture. The carpet’s subtly curvilinear motifs gracefully soften the confluence of straight lines.

Antique Caucasian rugs have long been appreciated by Modernist architects and designers for their highly complementary artistic approach. Both aesthetics are deeply engaged with a viewer’s direct impression of the essentials of color and form. As part of this client’s Caucasian rug collection on display, the archetypal imagery of a venerable Caucasian piece from the prized Bidjov Shirvan substyle strikingly flanks the dining room table. In a clever juxtaposition, a series of stuffed Caucasian grain bag cushions sit alongside a Le Corbusier-designed LC4 recliner, both examples of form in service of function.

This contemporary homeowner has discovered the perfect way to bring one more layer of artistry and individual expression into his modern kitchen: an eye-catching 19th century Caucasian Gendje runner. Collectors like this client find the versatile small sizes of antique Caucasian rugs add to daily enjoyment of secondary spaces, such as the kitchen where so much of a family’s time is spent.

Transitional hallway spaces become a focal point for art display, enlivened by sculpture, painting, photography and textiles. The iconic cruciform devices of the mid-19th century Seichur Kuba gracing the hallway wall and the alluring clarity of the rare Seichur Kuba on the floor invite the viewer to pause and contemplate at each turn. An early Caucasian Lesghi rug partially visible on the far right wall is another example of rugs as art.
The restful sitting room has been skillfully organized to include art and artifacts spanning centuries. Here a rare19th-century camelhair Bakshaish sits comfortably with this constellation of eclectic Near-Eastern art and furnishings. Adding texture on the wall, the High-Collectible Caucasian Khila Baku that hangs in the rear corner adds fascinating complexity, as does the distressed wooden surfaces of the antique panel doors, rustic stool and low sofa.

The quiet atmosphere of the spacious master bedroom is enhanced by the unique soft greens and pastels of this one-of-a-kind 150-year-old Sultanabad carpet. Its singular allover pattern appears to advance and recede in the light toned space, providing a compelling sense of movement that becomes the focal point of the room. Minimalist modern architecture is the perfect foil to intensify this deeply evocative decor, blending East and West influences into an immersive and continually rewarding artistic experience.