Outstanding Art And Investment Value, A Suite of Early Caucasians Brings A Comfortable, Contemplative Atmosphere In Century-Old Cottage

Brought to life by streaming sunlight from the skillfully landscaped garden outside, a sensitively selected trio of early 19th century Caucasian rugs elevates this well-curated cottage into a refuge of quietly nourishing aesthetic experience. The pieces, chosen in consultation with an experienced team of carpet consultants, take advantage of a two-pronged strategy that maximizes both impactful artistry and allows savvy investors to diversify into a historically appreciating tangible asset class. With respectful common sense care, the light traffic that the couple gives their collection affords them intimate interaction while each decade the rarity of their pieces grows as supplies diminish. Of course, the benefits are experienced even more directly and enjoyably—by combining three distinctly different designs, the carpets bring out the similarities and differences of this weaving tradition, greatly enhancing the personal satisfaction of these collectors as they become ever more familiar with the subtleties of their collection.

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