Antique Oriental Caucasian Carpets in Sante Fe Adobe Home

Antique Caucasian Rugs Complement this Santa Fe Adobe Home

The tribal designs and primary colors of these two antique Caucasian rugs provide the perfect complement to a client's Santa Fe style adobe. Click Here to see our antique Caucasian rugs now available.
Persian Sultanabad Antique Carpet Sets Off Wood Paneling in traditional library

Sultanabad Village Rug in Library Showcases Beautiful Wood Paneling

Antique village rugs interplay wonderfully with wood paneling and furniture, as demonstrated by this top-tier 19th century Sultanabad in a client's library. Click Here to see our antique Sultanabad rugs now available.
Antique Garden of Paradise Laver Kirman Persian Rug in Living Room of Traditional Southern Home

Mid-19th century “Garden of Paradise” Laver Kirman Rug in Peaceful Living Room

Acknowledging the family's collection of art and antique furniture, this painterly mid-19th century Laver Kirman "Garden of Paradise" carpet provides the ideal serene base for this traditional living room of a Southern home. Click Here to see…
Persian Serapi and Malayer Rugs in the great room of a lakeside home

Serapi and Malayer Antique Rugs Distinguish and Unify Grand Spaces

Both unique village carpets, the antique Serapi (foreground) and antique Malayer (background) bring a sense of unity and warmth to the expansive vistas of a client's lakefront home. Click Here to see our antique Serapi rugs now available.
Malayer Oversize Persian Malayer Antique Carpet Unifies Large Living Room

Majestic Living Room with One-in-the-world Antique Malayer

An oversize carpet can unify the various elements of a large space, amply demonstrated by this one-in-the-world antique Malayer in a client's living room. Click Here to see our antique Malayer rugs now available.
Understated Laver Kirman Antique Carpet in Old World Décor

Exquisite mid-19th century Laver Kirman Carpet Accentuates the Old World Elegance of this Sitting Room

Antique Persian carpets created in the great weaving cities have long been the quintessential adornment for grand traditional interiors, beloved for the unrivaled delicacy and aesthetic elevation they bring to the refined home.  Here, an extraordinary…
Early Antique Collectible Persian Oriental Bakshaish Rug in Stunning Living Room

Nearly 200-year-old Center Medallion Bakshaish Enlivens this Living Room

Serious connoisseurs of early village carpets, these clients enjoy the crown jewel of their collection, a nearly 200-year-old center medallion Bakshaish from the Azerbaijan weaving district, in their elegantly appointed living room. Click Here…
Antique Persian Bijar runner on Washington D.C. historical colonial staircase decor

This Antique Bijar (Bidjar) Runner Bestows Added Distinction to the Staircase of this Monticello-Inspired Home

Gracing the 300-year-old stairway of a Monticello-inspired home, this antique Bijar (Bidjar) runner provides the visual distinction and admirable craftsmanship to perfectly support the ambiance of this historical residence. Click Here to see…
Antique Persian Oriental Collectible "Tree of Life" Laver Kirman Rug in Custom Kitchen

Antique Persian Laver Kirman Sets Off Bar in Impressive Los Angeles Home

An exquisite area-size antique Persian Laver Kirman rug with a rarely found blossoming "Tree-of-Life" design graces an upscale bar in a Los Angels beach community. Click Here to see our antique Laver Kirman rugs now available.
Antique Oversize Serapi Carpet is Stunning in Colonial Home

Grand Oversize Serapi Antique Carpet Embellishes This Large Colonial Vestibule

Part of a substantial Whole Home project in a Jeffersonian era colonial residence, this grand oversize Serapi carpet adorns a large vestibule, giving an unobstructed view of its majestic design and glorious coloration. Click Here to see our…
Persian Serapi Antique carpets in Washington D.C. historical dining room with Emprire furniture

First-rate Antique Serapi Carpet is Stunning Paired with this Client’s Empire Furnishing

We introduced carpets to this historical home after it was fully furnished. Our clients consistently selected first-rate 19th-century Serapi carpets, including this palace-size piece in the spacious dining room, to harmonize with the massive…
Antique Persian Laver Kirman and Ferahan Sarouk antique rugs on wall as art in modern philadelphia home

The Ferahan Sarouk on the Wall and the Laver Kirman Antique Carpet on the Floor Heighten Each Other’s Charm

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 29, No. 1. More and more of our clients are discovering the splendor of displaying art-level rugs on their walls, where the myriad nuances of color and design are at eye level. In this exquisite setting, a…
Persian Ivory Sultanabad Antique Carpet Echoes Details on Inlaid Cabinet

A Rare Ivory Field Sultanabad Deepens Both the Sophistication and Comfort of this Glorious Family Room

Our clients made the connoisseur's choice when deciding on this rare, ivory field Sultanabad. This singular antique carpet immeasurably enhances the ambiance of this supremely comfortable, yet sophisticated family room. Click Here to see our…
Antique Camelhair Carpets in Contemporary Interior Design

A Rare Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili) Tabriz Carpet is Charming in this Sophisticated Home Office

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 29, No. 1. The understated elegance and Tuscan color palette of the rare Hadji Jallili (Haji Jalili) Tabriz carpet in this client's home office adds incomparable refinement and gentility to this lushly appointed…
Persian Serapi Antique Rug in elegant traditional living room

150-year-old Serapi Integrates Disparate Design Elements in this Distinctive Sitting Room

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 29, No. 1. The unusually spacious design of this 150-year-old Serapi highlights the immediately recognizable interest in connoisseurship reflected in this distinctive sitting room. This spectacular carpet harmonizes…
Suite of Antique Tribal Rugs is Stunning in Collectors' Home

Remarkable Century-old Tribal Rugs Bring Traditional Ambiance to this Stunning Master Bath

Part of a whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras, our clients wished to extend the traditional ambiance they created throughout their home into the master bathroom, choosing three remarkable century-old…
Unique Antique Bakshaish Camelhair Carpet in Contemporary Library

One-of-a-kind Antique Bakshaish Carpet Animates This Delightful Contemporary Library

The tone-on-tone décor of this very distinctive contemporary library is made more artful by the eclectic inclusion of this one-of-a-kind antique Bakshaish carpet. The golden hue of its undyed camelhair and sheep's wool surface subtly animates…
A Pair of Tribal Antique Caucasian Rugs on the Wall

The Tribal Designs of These Top-notch Caucasian Rugs Create Striking Focal Points in the Modern Island Home

FEATURED IN OUR NEW BROCHURE, Vol. 29, No. 1. Many connoisseurs proudly display their rugs as wall art, as well as on the floor. The ancient tribal designs in this top-notch Caucasian Eagle Kazak and Kazak Double-Niche Prayer Rug offer a timeless…
Persian Mohtasham Kashan antique rug in waterfront Miami Florida condo with asian inspired decor

A Rare Antique Mohtasham Kashan Rug Creates the Perfect Ambiance for This Asian-themed Sitting Room

A quite rare 150-year-old Mohtasham Kashan carpet is the ideal backdrop for the Asian- themed sitting room in this connoisseur's seaside home on the Gulf of Mexico. Click Here to see our antique Mohtasham Kashan rugs now available.
Qashqai & Mahajiran Sarouk in home library with fireplace

Mahajiran Sarouk & Kurdish Soumac Antique Persian Rugs Add to the Casual Elegance of this Desert Library

The eye-catching azure main color in the highly-collectible, mid-1800’s rug from the  Persian Qashqai tribe introduces the paintings, bronze sculpture, ceramics and two other Persian rugs that enrich this space. The lustrous lamb’s…
Persian Bakshaish Camelhair Antique Carpet Adds Warmth to Modern Family Room

A Very Rare 175-year-old Persian Camelhair Bakshaish Carpet Adds Texture to this Modern Setting

A very rare 175-year-old Persian Bakshaish carpet with a field of undyed camel's hair adds warmth and texture to the economy of this modern setting incorporating mud walls, pre-Columbian pottery, and a non-figurative painting. Click Here to…
xquisite Caucasian Shirvan Rug Echoes Details in Observatory

Antique Shirvan Caucasian Rug Perfectly Complements the Stunning Architecture of this Observatory

Fittingly complementing the outstanding architecture of this stunning observatory is a late 19th-century tribal rug from the esteemed Shirvan subgroup of antique Caucasian rugs. Click Here to see our antique Caucasian rugs now available.
A Suite of Antique Persian Oriental Village Collectible Carpets in an Arts and Crafts Home

19th-Century Persian Village Carpets Are Magnificent in this Seaside Arts & Crafts Home

These clients chose an extensive collection of late 19th-century Persian village carpets to adorn the floors throughout their magnificent oceanside Arts & Crafts home. An open floor plan allows the delightful viewing of up to six rugs at…
Persian Camelhair Carpets Antique Rugs in San Francisco Contemporary Decor living room

Rare Antique Camelhair Carpets Enliven This Contemporary City Home

Featured in our Brochure, Vol. 28, No. 2. The clean lines and earthy, naturally dyed hues of a highly complementary suite of rare antique Camelhair carpets magically enlivens the contemporary setting of this San Francisco client's majestic four-story…
Antique Persian Sultanabad Carpet in Montana Home

Rare “Tree of Life” Sultanabad Creates Unforgettable Environment Paired with the Impressive Stonework in this Big Sky Home

The perfect marriage of grand proportions, impressive stonework, and a stunning antique carpet such as this rare "Tree of Life" Sultanabad creates an unforgettable environment in this Big Sky home. Click Here to see our antique Sultanabad rugs…
Oversize Persian Sultanabad antique rug in Traditional New York living room

Mid-19th-Century Persian Sultanabad Carpet Glows in the Natural Light of this Comfortably Appointed Room

An oversized mid-19th-century Persian Sultanabad carpet employs welcoming color and glowing patina to enliven this comfortably appointed room graced by sumptuous amounts of natural light and expansive views. Published in 2014 Fall/Winter catalog. Click…
Suite of Vintage Persian Carpets from Senneh, Karaja and Heriz in Home Theater

One-of-a-kind Vintage Persian Rugs Enhance Luxurious Home Theater

Framed by expansive wood floors, a suite of one-of-a-kind antique Persian rugs and carpets adds artistic character to this home theater. In the office in the foreground is a turn-of-the-20th-century Persian Heriz carpet with a singular overscale…
100 Year Old Persian Tabriz Rug in Elegant Silicon Valley Home

Century-old Tabriz Persian Carpet is the Luxurious Base of This Distinctive Silicon Valley Family Room

This century-old Tabriz Persian rug provides a luxurious base for this Silicon Valley family room, creating a gracious, distinctive atmosphere. Click Here to see our antique Tabriz rugs now available.
Antique Oriental Ivory Sultanabad Antique Rug in Family Room of Florida Estate

Oversize Antique Persian Carpet Unifies Family Room of Florida Home

The addition of a Sultanabad antique Persian carpet in this Florida family room unifies the expansive space and creates an inviting ambiance. For 4 decades Claremont Rug Company President Jan David Winitz has assisted clients in bringing the…
Stunning Antique Persian Oriental Collectible Ferahan Sarouk Rug in Wood Paneled Great Room

19th-Century Persian Carpet as Centerpiece of Great Room in Custom Home

A highly refined Ferahan Sarouk antique carpet graces this well-appointed great room. The swirling, fluid botanical vinery of this 19th-century Persian village rug adds an effective organic counterpoint to the straight lines of beams and squared…
Stunning Antique Persian Oriental Collectible Ferahan Sarouk Rug in Wood Paneled Great Room

Summer Collection of Antique Carpets Now Available Online

Nothing splendidly fulfills the potential of a gracious interior like the addition of our art-level antique Oriental rugs.  Lately, we have witnessed this transformation much more often as requests from our clients have significantly increased. Our…
Stunning Antique Persian Oriental Collectible Ferahan Sarouk Rug in Wood Paneled Great Room

Summary of Antique Sultanabad Rugs

One of the most sought after Persian village weaving styles, antique 19th century and turn of the 20th-century Sultanabads are coveted for their high-decorative quality as well as for the individualized artistry of their stylized floral motifs. Woven…
Stunning Antique Persian Oriental Collectible Ferahan Sarouk Rug in Wood Paneled Great Room

Summary of Antique Laver Kirman Rugs

Laver Kirman (also known as Lavar Kerman and Ravar Kerman) carpets are part of the Persian floral rug-making tradition. The finest antique Laver Kirman carpets offer quintessential refinement and romance. Ivory and sand-toned grounds (seldom-found…
Stunning Antique Persian Oriental Collectible Ferahan Sarouk Rug in Wood Paneled Great Room

Summary of Antique Serapi Carpets

The finest antique Persian Serapis are geometric or stylized floral in design. The great majority of 19th century Serapi rugs are ennobled by a commanding, multi-lobed center medallion flanked by four corner pieces and a nature-inspired palette…
Stunning Antique Persian Oriental Collectible Ferahan Sarouk Rug in Wood Paneled Great Room