Summary of Antique Bakshaish Rugs

Antique Persian Bakshish Runner Rug

19th-century Bakshaish Persian carpets are a hallmark of our collection, widely sought after for their deeply inspired artistry and tribal design aesthetic. The finest antique Oriental Bakshaish (also spelled Bakhshayesh or Bakshish) offer in large carpets a geometric, folkloric character found predominantly in small Persian tribal rugs. Our antique Bakshaish collection includes outstanding 19th-century rugs in sizes from 7ft x 10ft to 15ft x 24ft.

Art-level room size and oversize Bakshaish carpets are highly eclectic. They serve as memorable centerpieces for very distinctive home environments among our clients in both contemporary and traditional homes.

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7ft 0in x 15ft 5in
Late 19th Century

All-over field designs of overscale emblematic or stylized floral patterns offer striking graphic artistry. Bakshaish rug weavers also produced an array of graphic geometric medallion carpets, along with their own intriguing adaptation of the traditional repetitive Herati pattern. They are renowned for carpets featuring the age-old Tree of Life motif.

As well as their idiosyncratic designs, Bakshaish Oriental rugs are prized for certain dyes and the occasional use of camel hair. The exceptional “Bakshaish blue” palette, ranging from glistening morning glory to periwinkle – often in the same carpet — is a coveted trademark of this revered antique rug style. Rare and highly prized are the best Oriental and Persian carpets that utilize undyed camelhair as the lustrous backdrop of the field.

Bakshaish runners were occasionally woven. Area size rugs from 3×4 to 5×7 were rarely woven by 19th-century Bakshaish weavers and account for only a very minor percentage of their total production.