Presenting Our 10th Annual Major Carpet Retrospective

Our 10th Annual Major Carpet Retrospective

50 Best-of-Their-Type Rugs Sold in 2020

Persian Bakshaish “Lion Rug”, 5’ 11” x 5’ 10”, circa 1800

Last year, we were privileged to place an absolutely breathtaking array of one-in-the-world rugs.
This event highlights some of the rarest, artistically profound rugs in a wide range of weaving styles.

We warmly invite you to peruse this virtual exhibition, comprising the most extraordinary High-Collectible Persian and tribal rugs our clients acquired in 2020. Each year, this retrospective is an eagerly awaited international event.

We suggest enjoying these amazing carpets on a large screen and
opening each rug’s three massive images to reveal its astonishing artistry close up.

Our congratulations to all those whose rugs are included!

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