Persian Camelhair Carpets Antique Rugs in San Francisco Contemporary Decor living room

Rare Antique Camelhair Carpets Enliven This Contemporary City Home

Featured in our Brochure, Vol. 28, No. 2. The clean lines and earthy, naturally dyed hues of a highly complementary suite of rare antique Camelhair carpets magically enlivens the contemporary setting of this San Francisco client’s majestic four-story home.  With the iconic skyline as a backdrop, the angularity of the faceted floating medallions of these 19th-century village carpets achieve a profound resonance, enhanced in this effect by the surpassingly intricate Camelhair patterning beneath.  The ambitious, expansive and successful reach of the clients’ eclectic collection of furnishings and art, including the Miro hanging over the fireplace, is grounded beautifully by the almost magnetic, truly one-of-a-kind colors and forms in each carpet. Note how the rugs effectively stand up to the challenge of harmonizing a great diversity of colors, textures and shapes. The result dignifies the weavings and the other artworks in the most enjoyable way, removing all barriers to an immersive, interactive daily experience.

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