Majestic Camelhair Bijar Carpet Brings Luminosity And A Stately Ambiance To Personal Haven

The linear shape of this rare Persian Bijar camelhair room size carpet fits perfectly in front of the master bed in this high-ceilinged space. Adding visual dimensionality and nuance through a sophisticated interplay of colors and forms, the rug’s unadorned blonde toned field, awash with natural striation of the undyed camel wool, supports a seemingly floating, blossom-covered medallion. Lapis blue glass vases and silk pillows augment the enjoyment of this rare rug’s splendid cerulean corner pieces, while its copper toned border “talks” to the Gauguin-inspired Polynesian scene above the hearth creating a secondary chromatic interaction that enhances the visual splendor. The grandeur of the 140 year old, classic Bijar reflects and supports the room’s noteworthy architectural elements, including its beamed ceiling and carved mantle.

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