Summary of Antique Serapi Carpets

Part of a large suite of rugs that grace a Jeffersonian colonial residence, this 19th century Serapi oversize carpet epitomizes this style's majestic patterning and glorious coloration.

The finest antique Persian Serapis are geometric or stylized floral in design. The great majority of 19th century Serapi rugs are ennobled by a commanding, multi-lobed center medallion flanked by four corner pieces and a nature-inspired palette of breathtaking colors. Occasionally, Serapi rugs employ large-scale all-over patterns. Antique Serapis have historically been the carpet of choice in early American state and federal buildings (including the White House). Today, our clients use graphic, casually elegant Serapi carpets in decors ranging from traditional to contemporary, Arts and Crafts, eclectic and post modern.

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9ft 4in x 11ft 11in
3rd Quarter, 19th Century

The Serapi carpets circa 1825 to 1910 that Claremont Rug Company offers feature a fascinating reinvention of motifs that juxtapose symmetry and asymmetry, while maintaining an astonishing balance and harmony. Our 19th-century Serapi carpet collection reflects a tremendous range of originality within this style and a consistent joie de vivre. Along with our carefully selected, yet vast inventory of room size and oversize antique Serapis, we also proudly maintain great examples of this beloved Northwest Persian rug type in hard-to-find runner, corridor carpet, area size and palace sizes up to 17×25.