Traditional Philadelphia Entryway With Persian Laver Kirman Antique Rug

Spectacular Laver Kirman Carpet In A Grand Foyer Makes A Memorable And Gracious First Impression

A virtuoso 19th century Persian Lavar Kirman rug serves as a welcoming introduction to this Southern couple’s country home, the perfect expression of their sincere and enthusiastic hospitality.  The luxurious atmosphere of this gracious home is enriched by the antique rug’s warm ivory, teal, Renaissance red and midnight indigo hues that instantly resonate with the cool, elegantly understated tones of the space and the English garden outside. Known for expressive, botanically inspired flights of creativity, the best Laver Kirmans woven in the 1800s offer landmark artistry and grand dimensions that literally envelop one in its aesthetic nuances. This is evermore impactful when experienced for the first time. At the same time, the homeowner and frequent visitors invariably discover new variations of color and design to discover on each viewing. This enhances their fond impressions of the home and acts as a welcoming ambassador that expresses the homeowner’s taste and desire to share moving artistic experiences.

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