The Spirited Color and Harmonious Design Of A 1910 Heriz Carpet Creates A Profoundly Magnetic Centerpiece As Artistry, Craft And Architecture Combine

Viewed from the loft above this high-ceiling great room or at eye level, this outstanding early 20th century Heriz village carpet provides an aesthetic experience both exciting and unifying. Continually varied tones of indigo, sapphire blue, crimson, garnet and even emerald green stand out clearly within this majestic Heriz medallion, reminiscent of stain glass windows. Antique Heriz and Serapi carpets are beloved for their overscale designs that integrate seamlessly into both traditional and contemporary decors. Here, versatile, elongated dimensions allow the cozy seating area to be entirely defined by the carpet’s boundaries, allowing its viewers to enjoy the rug’s many expressive details. The surrounding eggshell white walls and clerestory windows provide a jewel box environment, intensifying this encounter.

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