World Class 19th-Century Ferahan Sarouk Rugs Contribute Individual Nuances To Curated Collection of Art and Antique Carpets

Building a home collection of high level rugs brings a variety of significant benefits: daily pleasure, connoisseurship and art investment, as well as diversification into precious tangible assets. Such is certainly the case with this longtime collector family, who have enthusiastically assembled a selection of unique area and room-size 19th-century Ferahan carpets. Each is spectacular in its own right, particularly for aficionados who understand the singular artistic departures each piece represents. Through skillfully planned placement beside outstanding works of painting, photography and sculpture, the cumulative effect of the art rugs is immersive, enrapturing and completely one-of-a-kind. Savvy connoisseurs have long realized the enormous potential offered by the interplay between architecture, décor and appropriately selected rugs to create a unified statement.

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