• Sultanabad and Caucasian Antique Rugs in Modern San Francisco Livingroom
  • San Francisco modern condo with antique carpets Dining room with Bidjov Caucasian rugs
  • San Francisco Condo Modern Urban Dining room with Caucasian Lesghi Antique Rug
  • Antique Persian Carpets in San Francsico Contemporary Kitchen Antique Caucasian Rug Runner
  • Collectable Caucasian Tribal Antique Rugs In Contemporary San Francisco Condo Hallway
  • Antique Persian Rugs in San Francisco Contemporary Condo Hallway Talish Antique-Rug on wall
  • Claremont Rug Company Article in Private Air Magazine Fall 2017
  • San Francisco Contemporary Condo with Persian carpets Master Bedroom with green Sultanabad Antique Rug
  • San Francisco contemporary condo with rare green sultanabad antique rug in Master Bedroom

An Uniquely Eclectic Art Collection is Intertwined With Expressive Caucasian Rugs– Both On the Wall and On The Floor

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Transitional hallway spaces become a focal point for art display in this modern city condominium, enlivened by the widely mixed media: sculpture, painting, photography and carpet textiles. The iconic cruciform devices of the mid-19th century Seichur Kuba on the left wall and the mesmerizing clarity of the rare Seichur Kuba on the floor invite the viewer to pause and contemplate at each turn, profoundly enriching the inhabitant’s passage through the space. Don’t miss the early Caucasian Lesghi rug shown partially on the far right wall.


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