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  • San Francisco contemporary condo with rare green sultanabad antique rug in Master Bedroom

Striking 19th Century Caucasian Lesghi Rug Adds Dynamic Presence To Modern Dining Room

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The incredibly potent natural dyes of a superb antique Lesghi tribal rug provide the perfect counterpoint to the minimalist design and modern cityscape that surround this San Francisco collector’s elegant dining area.  The urbane backdrop of white surfaces and clean lines acts as a powerful foil to the 19th-century Caucasian rug’s intensely saturated indigo, fiery carnelian and terracotta, as well as pinpoint highlights of saffron and sapphire blue, magically intensifying the impact of both aesthetic approaches.  Though the carpet remains an understated and even playful element, its weight in this composition is profound:  note how the resonant artistry of this one area-size piece easily balances the much larger open plan space, expansive floor-to-ceiling windows and even the towering Financial District edifices beyond.  The presentation highlights the unique art carpet’s artistry as if in a museum display, yet the arrangement never feels sterile or separated, instead deeply, seamlessly integrated into the life of the space and its residents.


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