Ferahan Antique Persian Palace Size Carpet

West Central Persian
14ft 1in x 24ft 9in
Circa 1875

Remarkable not only for its prized palace size dimensions, but also its distinguished, subtle color scheme, this antique Ferahan palace size rug is at the pinnacle of both the collectible and decorative categories of antique carpets. With transcendent virtuosity and exceptional craftsmanship, it features the renowned Vase and Nightingale motif in a repeating design on the most monumental scale we have come upon. Charming, painterly bird forms sashay between each vase – everyone entirely unique. This palace size rugs boasts the radiant patina only possible at one hundred and fifty years of age, which
unobtrusively accentuates the majesty of this one-in-the-world antique palace size carpet that probably took a group of eight carpet weavers four to five years to construct.