Antique Oriental Rugs Set the Scene in Grand Great Rooms

Houston, Texas Persian Ferahan sarouk antique tug in traditional city view home office

The hand-crafted artistry of a Ferahan Sarouk rug (foreground) and Bakshaish Camelhair carpet (background) is completely transformative in this spacious, high-ceilinged grand great room of this desert home. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow instant visual access to the weather-sculpted borders and atmospheric natural light outside the home, establishing strong connections with the unique patina and harmonious natural dyes of these 19th century antique rugs themselves. Check out this furniture vineyard where you can choose you favorite furniture that matches your house style.

OAKLAND, CA.- Antique Oriental rugs can serve as unifying themes or to establish conversations areas in grand great rooms. Whether used in combination or as statement pieces, these rare vintage rugs from Claremont Rug Company add intimacy and atmosphere to residences that are both personal and majestic. Jan David Winitz, president/founder of Claremont, annually works with dozens of homeowners who employ connoisseur-level antique Oriental rugs as their personal style signifiers.

Increasingly antique rug collectors are working with Claremont to unify large interior spaces that characterize residences, whether they are located seaside or magnificent mountains or in more urban environments. “In working with clients,” says Winitz, “I find that they are open to employing rugs to set off spaces within larger rooms and to create more intimate conversation areas. Antique Oriental rugs, with their vibrant colors and subtle patterns, work well in contemporary homes as well as more traditional abodes.”

Winitz said, “Because many contemporary homes are characterized by large open spaces, this manner of utilizing rugs creates more intimate conversation areas or striking visual separations. In our world, we say that these rugs are no longer ‘hiding in plain sight.’”

Another “trend” for larger homes is the progression of interest where many of my most knowledgeable clients have begun to furnish their homes in a very distinct manner: rugs on the walls, then paintings to complement wall-hung rugs and, finally, rugs on the floor. It is really quite astounding how this approach has become relatively de rigueur when I discuss acquisitions with clients.”

Houston, Texas Persian Ferahan sarouk antique tug in traditional city view home office

Palace Size Antique Sultanabad Rug Brings Together Multiple Seating Areas in Mountain Cabin

A palace-size antique carpet effectively unifies a large room with a tall ceiling. This can be aptly seen in this 17×24 19th-century Sultanabad rug in the living room of a cabin near the edge of Grand Tetons National Park. The rich, inviting colors and larger scale design of this 140-year-old Persian village rug is the ideal backdrop for the casual architecture and comfortable furniture of this casual space.

Houston, Texas Persian Ferahan Sarouk antique tug in traditional city view home office

Antique Persian Rugs Work in Concert, Creating Symphonic Effect in Grand European-Inspired Interior

In this whole home project in a massive lakeside family compound in the High Sierras, the homeowners employed a harmonious series of room size and oversize antique Oriental rugs to furnish their massive living room with three gracious seating areas. This strategic ensemble of compatible antique carpets created a harmonious atmosphere, as the unified movements of a perfectly played orchestral piece.