Antique Persian and Tribal Rugs for the Home Office

Houston, Texas Persian Ferahan sarouk antique tug in traditional city view home office

An exceptional 150-year-old Feraghan Sarouk carpet from Claremont Rug Company establishes a contemplative, erudite atmosphere within this high-rise home office. The expansive Persian room-size rug glows with a nuanced patina, which is complemented by the enhanced lustre of age seen in the inlaid, hand carved woods of the 18th-century French antique desk. Décor: Marianne Michael Interior Design.

OAKLAND, CA.- With business executives increasingly working from home offices, those with a discerning eye have selected highly-regarded antique Persian and tribal rugs to create an environment conducive to business and pleasing to look at.

Because of the nuanced color patterns and the intricate pattern language of individual weaving groups, those seeking an antique Oriental rug as an office statement piece or simply to provide a high degree of ambience can find pieces that work in modern, contemporary spaces as well as those that are antique themed. As in the non-office areas of a residence, rugs are often hung as wall art. And they need not be of the same type or color palette as the rest of the home.

“Using collectible antique Oriental rugs in your home office,” says Jan David Winitz, president/founder of Claremont Rug Company, “allows you to establish a highly sophisticated, yet personal tone for your business and provides you with an environment that is comfortable in which to work. By choosing rugs that evoke some of the colors and pattern language of the rest of the décor, you can create a harmonious whole. At the same time, by selecting contrasting styles, you can set off the office space. The choices are very personal and the ‘right answer’ is the one that meets your own sensibilities.”

Claremont Rug Company has an inventory of 2500 antique Persian and Tribal rugs, all hand-woven during the Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving (ca. 1800 to ca. 1910). The Gallery can be reached at 1-800-441-1332.

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