Art Level Antique Oriental Carpets Have the Presence To Add Intimacy and Grace to Voluminous Interior Spaces

OAKLAND, CA.- Many grand residences, be they contemporary, mid-century modern or traditional in design, are characterized by high-ceiling rooms and voluminous spaces. To provide a degree of intimacy and an individual aesthetic, their owner’s residences often find that the artistry and individuality of antique Oriental rugs are perfect to capture the abundant light and ample space in their homes.

Claremont Rug Company has worked with home owners and interior designers for nearly 40 years to create the personal ambiance that makes an environment both individual and comfortable. Whether utilizing palace-size rugs or a suite of compatible smaller rugs in a stylized design, these are hand-woven artworks from the Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving (ca. 1800 to ca. 1910) that become personal design aesthetics for the homeowner and create an emotional and multi-dimensional space. The aged naturally-dyed colors and captivating motifs of these 100-150 year-old pieces are as timeless as the atmospheres they create.

Houston, Texas Persian Ferahan sarouk antique tug in traditional city view home office

(Above) Interplay of 19th-century Persian City Rugs and Eclectic Art Collection Elevate a Contemporary Interior.

Antique Persian carpets are universally recognized for the integral role they naturally play in contemporary interiors. Mies van der Rohe placed them throughout his own homes. The Bauhaus School honored textiles as one of its very first disciplines, emulating the extraordinary energy found in Persian and tribal weavings. In the full splendor in this soaring modern space, Claremont Rug Company carefully curated a trio of quintessential Tabriz carpets with an immersive, yet understated elegance. The John Dove painting and 13th-century map projection come alive alongside the sensitive organic contours of each carpet. The work in glass shares the precise time-softened terra-cotta shade of the smaller Tabriz, creating a spirited collaboration.

Houston, Texas Persian Ferahan Sarouk antique tug in traditional city view home office

(Above) Sunny Pastel Colors of a 19th-Century Serapi Carpet Welcome Guests in a Lakeside Home.

Soft, cheerful pastel tones of this superb Serapi village carpet create an instantly welcoming, casual atmosphere in this grand breakfast room of this sunny Great Lakes summer home. Purchased from the collection at Claremont Rug Company, this 19th-century Serapi stresses a strong connection to nature through its skillful mastery of natural materials and dyestuffs. The resonance between the carpet’s soft blues and the lake beyond reveal the antique weaver’s deep sensitivity to the natural world, and further helps to connect the inside and outside spaces.

Houston, Texas Persian Ferahan sarouk antique tug in traditional city view home office

(Above) Majestic Artistry of Grand 19th-century Serapi Carpets Anchor a Lofty Great Room.

The regal yet comfortable aesthetic of these two generously scaled antique Persian Serapi carpets from Claremont Rug Company form the essential foundation for this expansive, high-ceilinged living and dining spaces of this contemporary, open-plan home. The time-softened patina and naturally-derived colors find resonance with every part of the space, from the rich leather upholstery and hardwoods to the fieldstone hearth. The animated, spontaneous design makes this vacuous space seem intimate and invites the eye to linger comfortably as it discovers new individual flourishes in the design.

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