Claremont Rug Company Pyramid Video Explains How to Evaluate Antique Oriental Rugs

Claremont Rug Company video explains how its proprietary Oriental Rug Pyramid™ guides collectors as they evaluate antique rugs.

Claremont Rug Company today released the second of a continuing educational series of videos designed to guide collectors and connoisseurs in making informed decisions regarding acquiring antique Oriental rugs. Featuring commentary by globally recognized expert Jan David Winitz, who founded the Gallery in 1980, the video describes rugs in a proprietary Six-Level Antique Rug Pyramid™ he developed.

In the video, he explains the history and characteristics of Oriental rugs woven from the 13th-century through modern day reproductions. Level 1 “Museum-level” rugs (13th through 18th-century) are held primarily by royal families and in museum collections. The best 19th-century rugs in Level 2 (“High-Collectible”) and Level 3 (“Connoisseur-Caliber”) are considered the prime targets for collectors and connoisseurs, art objects whose values have risen steadily since the late 20th-century. Level 4 (“High-Decorative,” late 19th and the turn of the 20th-century) are usually used in elite home décor. Carpets in Levels 5 and 6 are by and large reproductions, made with chemical dyes, and, while decorative, have virtually no investment value.

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