Stunning Claremont Rug Company Catalog Highlights Second Golden Age Of Persian Rugs In Contemporary Settings

Carpets Highlighted in Residences Ranging from Loft in Brooklyn to Family Compound in Big Sky Montana  (October 13, 2014)

Claremont Rug Company today released its 76th catalog, which features antique rugs from the Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving in a wide range of contemporary settings ranging from a loft in Brooklyn to a family compound in Big Sky, Montana. Twelve distinctive rooms furnished with collector-caliber antique rugs in homes from across the U.S. are featured.

The 28-page brochure features 29 highly sought after carpets from the Second Golden Age, ca. 1800 to ca. 1910. “While we feature more than a quarter of our 3000-plus rug inventory on our website,” said Jan David Winitz, president and founder of Claremont, “our clients have told us that seeing rugs in situ in home settings provides them with an important perspective as they select rugs for their own residences.”

While antique Oriental rugs are increasingly being incorporated into homes as wall art and in private art collections, there is a growing interest among homeowners with modern decors and contemporary art to create personal statements by juxtaposing rugs that are more than a century old with furniture and other art that is of much more recent vintage.

“One of the more fascinating aspects of our new catalog is that it allows people to take a peek into the homes of private collectors and to better understand how antique rugs can make an emotional statement or become a dramatic design element to a decor,” said Winitz, author of The Guide to Purchasing an Oriental Rug.

Among the distinguishing characteristics of the antique Persian and Caucasian rugs featured in this catalog from the Second Golden Age of Weaving are their use of substantially more innovative and fascinating pattern language than in younger rugs, along with the rare, exotic hues of colors stemming from natural dye recipes that have been lost with the passage of time.

Claremont provides the brochure at no charge to clients and for $25 to interested parties who may order a copy here or by calling 1-800-441-1332.

Among the highlight rugs from the new brochure are:

“Because we source our rugs through an extensive network of private collectors and elite homes and periodically purchase entire collections, our inventory contains the expanse of weaving styles and sizes that are rarely available,” he said. “We have access to great antique rugs in excellent condition and as a result, we have clients on five continents, including more than 50 Forbes List billionaires, who come to us to furnish their homes and build their collections.”

Rugs selected for the brochure provide rich examples of the stunningly nuanced color and the subtle gradations of pattern and weave found in art-level antique rugs. “There is a reason for the term ‘magic carpets.’” said Winitz. “These rugs transport you. I tell my clients that rugs speak to you; you simply have to learn how to listen.”

Winitz said he had seen an increased appreciation among younger buyers, particularly in the hi-tech and finance industries, in rugs woven before commercial weaving became more prevalent in the second quarter of the 20th century. “Our younger clients love the authenticity of our rugs and that they are one of the first bespoke items of mankind. They tell us how compatible they find the pieces with the clean lines of contemporary architecture and how well they work with mid-century furniture.”